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LASERi-X is an innovative 3-in-1 tool designed by Semantic 21 to revolutionize case processing in law enforcement agencies. By combining image and video categorization, victim identification, and investigator wellbeing management, LASERi-X streamlines the investigative process, eliminates backlogs, and ensures that... no victim goes unrecognized. At the heart of LASERi-X is a cutting-edge AI mechanism that incorporates state-of-the-art technologies to boost processing capabilities. With automated functionalities like image and video categorization, age recognition, and object classification, LASERi-X reduces the need for manual review and enables investigators to focus on more critical aspects of the case. LASERi-X is a versatile tool that is being widely used in investigations ranging from child protection to counterterrorism, revenge porn, copyright infringements, and fraud. Its ability to process cases faster than ever before makes it an essential asset to law enforcement agencies worldwide. Semantic 21 takes pride in our commitment to improving public safety, and LASERi-X is a testament to that commitment. By incorporating the latest technologies and leveraging our expertise in AI and data analytics, Semantic21 have created a tool that empowers investigators to do their job more effectively and efficiently while safeguarding the wellbeing of all involved.

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Griffeye Analyze DI Pro

Griffeye Analyze DI Pro CSAM Solution stands as a powerful and dedicated software solution, meticulously designed to combat the heinous crime of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). Developed by Griffeye, a renowned leader in digital investigation software, this cutting-edge solution... equips law enforcement agencies with the necessary tools to efficiently and effectively investigate and combat CSAM cases. At its core, Analyze DI Pro CSAM Solution harnesses advanced algorithms and AI-driven technologies, enabling investigators to identify, analyze, and categorize CSAM content rapidly and accurately. Its unparalleled capabilities facilitate the processing of large volumes of data, ensuring no piece of evidence goes overlooked. This specialized solution incorporates a user-friendly interface tailored to the unique needs of CSAM investigations. It streamlines workflows, enabling investigators to navigate vast amounts of data with ease and precision, expediting the identification of victims, perpetrators, and networks involved in CSAM dissemination. Committed to safeguarding the welfare of vulnerable individuals, Griffeye Analyze DI Pro CSAM Solution empowers law enforcement agencies to strengthen their efforts in eradicating this abhorrent crime, protecting children, and upholding justice.

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