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SCG Canada – CFID

The CFID (Covert Forensic Imaging Device) is a cutting-edge forensic collection and imaging device that is small, portable, and inconspicuous. It is the world's smallest handheld battery-powered device designed specifically for forward operating military, intelligence, and law enforcement personnel. The... CFID is equipped with advanced capabilities that include SIM Card Exploitation, Forensic Imaging, Active File Copying, Forensic Wiping, and industry-leading UAV extraction. With its powerful technology, the CFID enables forensic investigators to quickly and easily collect and analyze digital evidence in the field, even in remote or covert operations. With the use of SkySafe technology, the CFID is capable of providing support for a broader range of commercial UAV products. The CFID can directly extract and process the media files and flight logs immediately after they are captured, reducing the time needed for analysis. This enables ground operators to extract the UAV and quickly view the flight logs in real-time using the CFID viewer application, which is compatible with any Android device. One of the key features of the CFID is its small size, making it easy to conceal and transport. It is also battery-powered, providing the user with the flexibility to operate the device without the need for an external power source. The CFID's advanced capabilities and portability make it an essential tool for forensic investigators and law enforcement agencies involved in digital investigations. The device enables investigators to quickly and efficiently collect and analyze digital evidence, and generate detailed reports and timelines for use in criminal proceedings.

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