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Hatching Sandbox

Recorded Future’s revolutionary sandboxing solution is built with speed and scalability in mind from the ground up, with the capability scale to over 500,000 analyses per day providing analysts with a safe, customizable environment to detonate malware. The sandbox allows... users to have live control of the detonation straight from a browser and include powerful countermeasures to known anti-sandbox and anti-analysis techniques. By looking at a malware’s actions instead of more traditional AV methods, our sandbox can boost detection of 0-day threats and provide early warning for new and upcoming malware families. Coupled with direct integration with the Recorded Future Intelligence Graph, malware will automatically link to over 300+ billion entities, correlating the malware to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, threat actors, and many other data points to ensure your team can take action against current and future threats. 1.File, URL, and code analysis for Windows, Linux, Android, and macOS 2. Support for large file and archives analysis 3.Network simulation options 4.API access to automate submissions at scale

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